Monday, December 3, 2018

Pine Tree Brings Home 1st Place in TMSCA Competition

Pine Tree competed with Hallsville, Foster and Texas middle schools on Saturday, December 1st at a Texas Math Science Coaches Association meet hosted by Hallsville ISD.  Medals went to the top 5 in each grade level.  Pine Tree brought home 30 individual medals and the first-place trophy. Congratulations, PT students!  We are #pirateproud of you!

Number Sense 6th grade division
1st place, Ryan Alonso
2nd place, Reagan Toliver
5th place, Sophia Nix
6th place, Viktoria Roudkovski (a 5th grader!)
7th place, Seth McFarland
9th place, Jenna Harwood (a 5th grader!)

Number Sense 7th grade division
2nd place, Damil Arogo
3rd place, Jose Aranda
5th place, Brayden Haesecke
7th place, Megan Wolfe
8th place, Dealyn Evans
9th place, Uriel Reyes

Number Sense 8th grade division
1st place, Grant Beakley
2nd place, Asyiah Bray
4th place, Noah Sims
9th place, Fatima Vasquez

Calculator 6th grade division
1st place, Sophia Nix
2nd place, Ryan Alonso
4th place, Eryka Furlong
8th place, Reagan Toliver

Calculator 7th grade division
3rd place, Damil Arogo
4th place, Jose Aranda
6th place, Dealyn Evans
10th place, Alexandra Sanchez

Calculator 8th grade division
1st place, Grant Beakley
3rd place, Marco Echave
5th place, Fatima Vazquez
8th place, Lenore Martin

Math 6th grade division
2nd place, Seth McFarland
4th place, Eryka Furlong
5th place, Ryan Alonso
9th place, David Rodriguez
10th place, Cread Ray

Math 7th grade division
3rd place, Jose Aranda
4th place, Damil Arogo
6th place, Brayden Haesecke
7th place, Sarah Wilson
9th place, Quinton Clark

Math 8th grade division
1st place, Noah Sims,
2nd place, Asyiah Bray
3rd place, Grant Beakley

Science 6th grade division
3rd place, Reagan Toliver
4th place, Sophia Nix
7th place, Ryan Alonso
8th place, Seth McFarland
9th place, Indy Salazar
10th place, Dax McCain

Science 7th grade division
6th place, Cooper Wooden
9th place, Damil Arogo
10th place, Alexandra Sanchez

Science 8th grade division
1st place, Lenore Martin
2nd place, Asyiah Bray
5th place, Noah Sims
9th place, Ian Boche'

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