Monday, July 23, 2018

Pine Tree HS Students Attend Math Science Camp at Texas Tech - Cabudoy Brings Home 1st Place

Ten students from Pine Tree High School attended a Math Science Camp at Texas Tech last week in Lubbock. Congratulations to our Pine Tree Pirates!

Emmanuel Viramontes - 2nd place in Calculator and 8th place in Science (10th grade)
Jann Cabudoy - 1st place in Science, Best in Biology (10th grade)
Joseph Cordova- 9th place Number Sense and 10th place in Calculator (9th grade)
Emily Jimenez - 4th place in Calculator and 10th place in Number Sense (9th grade)
Mallory Estrada - 7th place in Calculator (9th grade)
Zoe Davis - 3rd place Calculator, 6th place Number Sense, 7th place in Math (9th grade)
Bryce Willadson - 3rd place Number Sense (tie), 6th place in Calculator, and 6th place in Math (9th grade)
Isaac Tesser - 3rd place in Number Sense (tie) and 9th place in Math (9th grade)

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