Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Longview Police Department and PT School Resource Officers Announce Safety Heroes Academy

Pine Tree ISD School Resource Officers in partnership with the Longview Police Department will host two academies for students in July.

The Pine Tree Safety Heroes Academy is scheduled for July 9-13 from 8:00 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. at Pine Tree Birch Elementary.  This academy is for students in grades 2-4.  Participants will learn about SWAT teams, take field trips to the fire and police departments as well as the animal control department.  The academy will cover the following topics:  bullying, internet, 911 and gun safety as well as exploring the role of a police officer.  There is no charge to attend but space is limited.
Breakfast and lunch will be provided at no cost.

The Pine Tree Middle Academy is scheduled for July 16-20 from 8:00 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. at PT Birch Elementary.  This academy is for grades 5th and 6th.  The PT Middle Academy will be a week filled with fun and excitement.  Participants will be shown an array of police work, including handcuffing, fingerprinting, mock traffic stops, team building and much more.  There is no charge to attend but space is limited.  Breakfast and lunch will be provided at no cost. 

To register for either course, contact School Resource Officer Josh Marrs at 903-331-2858 or School Resource Officer Bryan Bankston at 903-576-0922. 

Friday, June 1, 2018

Pine Tree Employees Celebrate End of Year Convocation - 70's Style

Pine Tree ISD employees celebrated the end of the school year with their annual End of School Convocation on June 1.

With the theme All in the Family, district campus and department employees dressed like their favorite 70's TV shows.

2018-2019 Leadership3 Participants 
Miranda Chism-All Campus
Jessica Johnson-Parkway
Kiki Fobell-Parkway
Ursula Coleman-Primary
Claudia Ruiz Mendoza-Primary
Lisa Fenton-Middle
Jennifer Mitchell-Junior High
Clay Nyvall-Junior High
Heather Wingo-Junior High
Stefani Baxter-High School
Nicole Davis-High School

5 Year Service Awards
Doris Black
Paul Cain
Timothy Collins
Steven Collins
Wayland Creecy
Karen Cunningham
Kristin Fobell
Peyton Gibbons
Zenorina Gonzalez
Rebecca Greer
Connie Harper
Sunshine Harrison
Dr. Daya Hill
Amy Johnson
Lacreshia Jones
Eric McCowan
Jennifer Mitchell
Carolee Musick
Sarah Porterfield
Jolene Ray
Jonathan Robertson
Renellda Robinson
Sheila Rowlett
Elton Sanchez
Mary Sexton
Florine Steverson
Cathey Taylor
Katrina Teter
Francisca Tovar Martinez
Mindi Turner
Danielle Warren

10 Year Service Award
Latosha Anaya
Ursula Coleman
Shirley Davis
Larry Denkins
Candace Edwards
Timecia Emerson
Barbara Gullett
Audrey Howard
Harold Jackson
Stacy James
Todd Kelley
Jessica Mangrum
Jacqueline Martin
Sommer McBee
Norma Nix
Sheila Plunk
Karen Robey
Vanessa Robinson
Melissa Saenz
Jennifer Schroeder
Troy Thompson
Jonathan Vaughn
Melynda Walker
Dana Walters
Richard Westbrook

15 Year Service Award
Larry Adams
William Bennett
Robin Best
Avelina Calixto
Terri Davis
Sheila Granzin
Monika Marjason
Lisa Martin
Wanda Nieto
Sandra Nolen
Gwendolyn Pruitt
Lisa Rhodes
Paula Schroeder
Patrick Tomberlain
Allyson Wright
Katie Yoder

20 Year Service Award
Angelia Burns
Carol Chrietzberg
Rebecca Davis
Janet Francisco
Linda Nelson
Stephanie Pierce
Janis Riley
Joyce Sibley
Bonnie Smith
Wesley Whitton

25 Year Service Award
Donna Clark
Michelle Randall
Deborah Terry
Don Thomas
Joycelyne Ward
Trennis Willis

30 Year Service Award
Randy Fisher

35 Year Service Award
Meredith Clay
Linda Thompson

Fall 2017 Pirate Pride Recipients
Cindy Anderson - ExCEL
Candee Collins - High School
Lisa Rhodes - Junior High
Gwen Ware-Pruitt - Middle School
Lori Ashby - Parkway
Javier Saucedo - Birch
Julie Phelps - Primary
Andrea Anders - Central Office
Nancy Coleman - Maintenance

Spring 2018 Pirate Pride Recipients
Jennifer Soloman - High School
Taylor Kittner - Junior High
Shelli Harrel - Middle School
Sandie Anderson - Primary
Holly Backer - Central Office
Josh White - PACE

2017-2018 Teachers of the Year
Amanda Kraus - Primary
Kelly Fisher - Birch
Hope Pearce - Parkway
Jo Lynn McKnight - Middle
Jennifer Mitchell - Junior High
Melissa Wright - High School
Randy Castleberry - PACE
Caci Brinkley - ExCEL

2017-2018 District Elementary Teacher of the Year - Hope Pearce
2017-2018 District Secondary Teacher of the Yer - Jennifer Mitchell

2018-2019 Teachers of the Year
David Quinn - PACE
Cindy Anderson - ExCEL
Deborah Wait - High School
Michelle Randall - Junior High
Deborah Boydstun - Middle
Nicole Espinoza - Birch
Shannon Fisk - Parkway
Katie Yoder - Primary

2018-2019 District Elementary Teacher of the Year - Katie Yoder
2018-2019 District Secondary Teacher of the Year - Michelle Randall

Employee of the Year
Francetta McGowan

Pirate Proud Recipient
Cindy Gabehart

Oscar Award for Best Dressed Campus/Department
Pine Tree Junior High

2017-2018 PTISD Retirees
Sheri Barrett
Aveline Calixto
Carol Chrietzberg
Candee Collins
Dr. TJ Farler
Randy Fisher
Craig Gibson
Bruce Jackson
Susan Johnston
Anna Joseph
Andre Lo
Jon McBride
Deborah McNeil
Mark Melton
Lynne Morgan
Sue Nolen
Michele Schrader
Annethia Small
Melissa Stuart
Linda Thompson
Harvey Warlick
Patricia Webber
Terri Werth
Evangeline Works