Monday, February 12, 2018

PTHS Choirs Dominate at UIL

The Pine Tree High School choirs, under the direction of Danielle Warren, competed in UIL Competition at Marshall High School on February 9.  PTHS Choir has a long standing tradition of superior ratings at this competition and this year the streak continues.  Congratulations to each of our PT students!

Liliana Martinez, Class 1, Superior
Sobieda Garcia, Class 2, Superior
Brooke Leath, Class 1, Superior
Tianna Bond, Class 1, Superior
Jeremy Minor, Class 2, Superior
Juan Ruiz, Class 1, Superior
Tyrese Smith, Class 1, Superior
J’Vin Howard, Class 1, Superior
Ty Robinson, Class 1, Superior
Emily Fowler, Class 1, Superior
Elisabeth Pinkston, Class 1, Superior
Cyndi Ponton, Class 1, Superior
Jasmine Martinez, Class 1, Superior
Megan Oswald, Class 1, Superior
Nick Caraway, Class 1, Superior
Natalie Wright, Class 2, Superior
Elijah Hall, Class 3, Superior
Sedrick Evans, Class 2, Superior
Priscilla SanMiguel, Class 3, Superior
Emma Carter, Class 3, Superior


Non Varsity Women, Class 2, Superior
Rebekah Donnell
Alyssa Davila
Deja Wilbur
Ashley Jochum
Kloie Schultz
Samantha Hosmer

Varsity Mixed, Class 1, Superior
Cyndi Ponton
Tianna Bond
Kemaro Collins
Tyrese Smith
Caylon Coby
Sedrick Evans
Zofia Allen
Lili Martinez

Jasmine Martinez
Emilee Fowler
Ty Robinson
Michael Donnell
Trenton Altis
Dalan Ramthun
Eryne Henderson
Naomi Hawkins

Class 1 Superior ratings will compete at state solo and ensemble in May at UT Austin.

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