Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Pine Tree's Math Science Team Competes in Mathing Bee - First East Texas District to Participate

Pine Tree’s Math Science Team from the Middle School and Junior High campuses competed in their first annual “Mathing Bee” which was held in the Pine Tree Junior High cafeteria on February 15.  Pine Tree ISD is the first district in East Texas to participate in this event. 

One student from each grade level will advance to regional competition and then on to state competition.

A Mathing Bee consists of 20 rounds.  Questions within a round will have approximately the same complexity and/or difficulty level.
Each question must be answered by a single student - without the use of a calculator or scratch work – and within the given time limit (minimum 10 seconds and maximum 30 seconds).  Each answer may be given orally or written legibly on a whiteboard or chalkboard.  The contestant cannot erase or correct his/her answer once the answer is started.
The answer must be completely spoken or written before the timer reaches 0.  If the answer is correct, the contestant advances to the next round.  If the answer is incorrect, the contestant is eliminated.
If, within the same round, two or more contestants are eliminated, the contestant with the fastest cumulative answer time ranks ahead of the others.
The competition ends when only one contestant answers correctly within a single round.

Congratulations to the Pine Tree Mathing Bee Grade Level winners who will advance to the regional competition next month! 

5th grade - Eryka Furlong
6th grade - Alexandra Sanchez
7th grade – Grant Beakley
8th grade – Bryce Willadson

Top Scorer Overall - Grant Beakley

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