Thursday, April 27, 2017

Pine Tree Math Science Qualify for State

Pine Tree qualified 12 7th grade students and 12 eighth grade students for state competition and qualified seventh as a team.  Pine Tree competed against 68 other 5-A schools.

State qualifiers:
Jann Cabudoy, Shaun Ray and Zoe Davis qualified in three out of our four events
Marilyn Shen, Emmanuel Viramontes, and Bryce Willadson qualified for state in all four events. 

Trophies are awarded to the top 10 students in each event and medals are given to 11th to 20th places. In addition the top 6 teams are awarded a team trophy and medals.

Number Sense:
Pine Tree had the #7 Number Sense Team (out of 50) in the state! This team was made up of Marilyn Shen, Shaun Ray, Grant Beakley (a 6th grader) and Giselle Valencia.

     10th place Marilyn Shen (8th grade)
     18th place Zoe Davis (7th grade)
     20th place Shaun Ray (8th grade)
     20th place Bryce Willadson (7th grade)

Honorable Mention:
     22nd place Kaleb Hogue (7th grade)
     24th place Isaac Tesser (7th place)
     28th place Giselle Valencia (8th place)

There were 109 state competitors in 7th grade Number Sense and 89 in 8th grade.

     18th place Jonah Harwood
     6th Place Calculator Team

 Honorable Mention:
     21st place Carlo Echave (7th grade)
     30th place Emily Jimenez (7th grade)
     32nd place Payton Wright (7th grade)
     27th place Angie Rojas (8th grade)
     30th place Giselle Valencia (8th grade)
     31st place Emmanuel Viramontes (8th grade)

There were 87 seventh grade competitors and 93 eighth grade competitors in Calculator.

Pine Tree was awarded the 6th place Calculator team in the state out of 41 teams. The team trophy and medals went to Rojas, Valencia, Viramontes, and Harwood.
Math:  Pine Tree had the #15 team out of 54 teams.

Honorable Mention:
     28th place Marilyn Shen (8th)
     32nd place Shaun Ray (8th)
     48th place Bryce Willadson (7th)
     55th place Zoe Davis (7th)

There were 99 competitors in 7th grade and 83 competitors in 8th grade in Math division.

Science:  Pine Tree had the #15 team out of 53 teams.

    4th place - Jann Cabudoy (8th)

Honorable Mention:
    31st place Emmanuel Viramontes (8th)
    41st place Isaac Crawford (8th)
    29th place Lenore Martin (a 6th grader)

There were 117 competitors in 7th grade and 130 competitors in 8th grade in the Science division. 

Congratulations, PT Pirates!  On to state!

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