Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Pine Tree 6th Grade Places 3rd in District UIL

The Pine Tree 6th grade team brought home third place in the district UIL meet at Hallsville on February 4.

Congratulations to the following Pine Tree students:

3rd Place Team
Tabitha Juarez
Daniela Rodriguez
Damien Kelly
Kollin Lewis
Matthew Cabrera

4th Place - Marco Echave
5th Place - Shane Moore
2nd Place Team - Marco Echave, Shane Moore, Riley Waclaczyk

Chess Puzzles Solving
4th Place - Noah Sims
3rd Place Team - Harris Hussain, Grant Beakley, Noah Sims

Impromptu Speaking
6th Place - Jai Ryan

2nd Place - Shane Moore
5th Place - Priscila Lira
2nd Place Team - Morgan Sharp, Shane Moore, Priscila Lira

Modern Oratory
4th Place - Elizabeth Jacob

Social Studies
5th Place - Ian Boche

2nd Place - Lenore Martin
2nd Place Team - Lenore Martin, Ian Boche, Carmen Chatman

3rd Place - Grant Beakley
4th Place - Noah Sims
5th Place - Asyiah Bray
2nd Place Team - Grant Beakley, Asyiah Bray, Noah Sims

Number Sense
2nd Place - Grant Beakley
3rd Place - Asyiah Bray
2nd Place Team - Grant Beakley, Asyiah Bray, Fatima Vasquez

Oral Reading - Poetry
2nd Place - Kelsie Carmichael
3rd Place - Saniyah Hill

Oral Reading - Prose
3rd Place - Emily Smith

Ready Writing
4th Place - Emily Smith

Science 1
2nd Place - Asyiah Bray
3rd Place Team - Asyiah Bray, Marco Echave, Lenore Martin

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