Monday, January 30, 2017


On Friday, January 27, the Texas Alliance for Minorities in Engineering East Texas Chapter held their Divisional Competition at the Abbott Aviation Center of LeTourneau University.

Twenty-three PTISD students worked with local engineers and LETU students and professors in an experience that connected grade school to local college and career opportunities.  The students took a tour of Abbott Aviation Center, saw simulation rooms, lab rooms, and real planes used for learning how to become pilots. They were given the opportunity to learn about the state of the art drone program at LETU and ask questions of professors and students becoming aeronautical, mechanical and electrical engineers. 

Local engineers from community partners Eastman and Joy Global spoke to the students about local career opportunities and served as judges for the students' engineering design challenge.  The competition phase of the event included students testing on math and science knowledge and joining with other students to complete an engineering design challenge.  Below are the winners of the competition.  

Of these winners, students will be selected to attend TAME State Competition later in the spring. 

Math and Science Winners

6th grade: 1st place -  Grant Beakley

7th grade: 5th place: Imar Dar
               4th place: Ethan Morgan
               3rd place: Kaleb Hogue
               2nd place: Bryce Willadson
               1st Place: Issac Tesser

8th grade: 6th place: DeAundre Heath
               5th place: Bernice Juarez
               4th place: Pedro Montano
               3rd place: Zachary Russell
               2nd place: Ira Roberts
               1st Place: Jann Cabudoy

9th grade: 6th place: Saldalvia Wallace
               5th place: Westley Phillps
               4th place: Itzel Lara
               3rd place: Mercedes Estrada
               2nd place: Jessica Hosmer
               1st Place: Sterling Beakley

11th grade: 3rd place: Jennifer Ibarra
                 2nd place: Andres Serrano
                 1st Place: Randy Phan

Engineering Design Challenge Winners

Judge's Choice - 
Samantha Hosmer
Ira Roberts
Kaleb Hogue
Pedro Montano

3rd Place -
Jessica Hosmer
Ethan Morgan
Grant Beakley
Iman Dar

2nd Place - 
Samantha Hosmer
Ira Roberts
Kaleb Hogue
Pedro Montano

1st Place -
Sterling Beakley
Westley Phillips
Zachary Russell

Congratulations to all our winners!

A special thank you to David Tesser of LETU for helping to coordinate the event at LETU. We appreciate this first rate experience for our students and look forward to growing the partnership between PTISD and LETU and a special thank you to Eastman and Joy Global for helping coordinate volunteers to work with our students at the event. 

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