Thursday, January 19, 2017

Pine Tree High School Announces G-TEK Club to Promote Engineering and Computer Science Careers

G-TEK (Girls, Guys and Geeks) is a new group at Pine Tree High that helps promote engineering and computer science careers. After school, students meet to learn more about the latest technology and hands-on design challenges. The hope is that by showing students first hand the incredible projects engineers work on, more students will pursue careers in these high demand fields. Although all students can join, this group is targeted at increasing minorities and women in engineering. 

Recently, Pine Tree students visited LeTourneau University for a half day trip, where Dr. Ayers, Engineering Chair, gave the students an introduction to many different types of engineering including mechanical, civil, biomedical, and aerospace. G-TEK students learned how engineers can save lives designing everything from cancer-detecting-cell-phones to strengthening bridges. 

Students also visited Texas State Technical College for the day to learn about Biomedical and Industrial Control majors. Eastman Chemical also hosted the students explaining some of the science behind chemical engineering and the jobs available.

Students look forward to participating in a TAME engineering challenge the end of February, and designing roller coasters for an "Amusement Park Physics" project at the Perot Center in Dallas.

"We have world class universities, employers and museums if not in Longview, within a few hours drive. We want our students to see what the very best of the best looks like, so they can aim high. Also, we hope the students stay in this club for all 4 years of high school, allowing them the opportunity to start visiting colleges as a freshman."  said Elizabeth White, sponsor.  

Club Sponsors are Allen Morris and Elizabeth White. 

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