Monday, December 12, 2016

Pine Tree High School Band Students Earn All-Region Band Honors

Congratulations to these students who earned All-Region Band honors at North Lamar HS on December 9. 

Thirty-six students were selected to the All-Region Band in addition to 3 first alternates. 

Sixteen students will compete at area at Richardson Berkner on January 7 for an opportunity to be selected to the Texas All-State Band!   

Morgan Spann 
Stephanie Ramirez 
Taylor McDaniel 

Jack Cheng – Alternate

Kalie Rhodes – (Area Qualifier)
Karina Ruiz 
Aaron Pierce 
Lisette Cerda 
Audrey Soltau 

Bass Clarinet:
Bobby Counts – 1st Chair (Area Qualifier)
Elisabeth Pinkston 

Contra-Bass Clarinet:
Korbin Davis – 1st Chair (Area Qualifier)

Alto Saxophone:
Christian Osborn 

Tenor Saxophone:
Shawn Naseiro 

Baritone Saxophone:
Jordan Lampin – 1st Chair (Area Qualifier)
Jonathan Garcia – 2nd Chair (Area Qualifier - 6A)

Gage Ellis – 1st Chair (Area Qualifier – 6A)
Cristian Najera – 2nd Chair (Area Qualifier)
Axel Mondragon – 4th Chair (Area Qualifier)
Keelan Davis 
Luis Vazquez (8th Grade)
Kahli Grant 
Amarah Sweaks 

French Horns:
Leah Counts – 2nd Chair (Area Qualifier)
Makala Pinkston – 3rd Chair (Area Qualifier)
Allison Knight – 4th Chair (Area Qualifier)
Riley Blalack 
Maddison Hardin - Alternate

Tenor Trombone:
Davis Morton – 2nd Chair (Area Qualifier)
Rafael Najera 
Connor Naseiro 

Bass Trombone:
Joel Ramirez – 1st Chair (Area Qualifier)

Harrison Berryhill – Alternate

Chris Schaetz – 3rd Chair (Area Qualifier)
Josue Jovel 
Ethan Sanders 
Izrell Adams (Area Qualifier – 6A)

Tyler Russell – 1st Chair (Area Qualifier)

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