Monday, November 14, 2016

Pine Tree Junior High Band Sets Record at TMEA Competition

On Saturday, November 12, 520 band students from all across East Texas met at Pine Tree HS for the Region IV TMEA Middle School Region Band auditions. Pine Tree Junior High Band did exceptionally well breaking several records.  Forty-three students were chosen for the region band which is a school record.  

Emma Teter, Flute
Jerusalem Briseno, Flute (Highest placing 7th grader in Region)
Leeanne Gannon, Flute
Jayla McCarty Flute
Ariel Sanchez, Flute
Graham Parmalee, Oboe (1st Chair-Best in Region)
Abby Short, Clarinet (Highest placing 7th grader in Region)
Niya Williams, Clarinet
Shelby Green, Clarinet
Osiris Barrios, Clarinet
Lilly Bradley Clarinet
Nyeli Mendez, Clarinet
Giselle Valencia, Clarinet
Ira Roberts, Clarinet
Pedra Montano, Bass Clarinet (1st Chair-Best in Region)
Gabby Pumphrey, Bass Clarinet
Maddox Duke, Bass Clarinet
Gabe Montoya, Alto Saxophone
Danielle Rodriguez, Alto Saxophone
Daniel Lambie, Baritone Saxophone
Andy Pearce, Trumpet (1st Chair-Best in the Region)
Luis Vazquez, Trumpet
Isabel Meza, Trumpet
Gael Perez, Trumpet
Carlo Echave, Trumpet
Zoe Green, Horn
Xavier Martinez, Horn
Madisyn Harrell, Horn
Adrian Gomez, Trombone
Amelia Wingfield, Trombone
Nike Collins, Trombone
Albert Ruiz, Trombone
Berenice Juarez. Euphonium (1st Chair-Best in Region)
Jordan Ford, Euphonium
Ethan Sanders, Tuba (1st Chair-Best in Region)
Eric Ramirez, Tuba
Nathan Carbajal, Tuba
Charlie Miranda, Tuba
Zack Russell, Percussion (1st Chair-Best in Region)
Edwin Diaz, Percussion
Shaun Ray, Percussion
Dalton Russell, Percussion
Octavio Jacquez, Percussion

Pine Tree students received the most 1st chairs (best in each section) in the entire region and had the most students in the top band competition in the entire region.

In addition to the students listed above, the following students were selected as alternates and congratulated on a job well done.If any of the region band members selected to perform  at the concert on December 10th cannot participate,these students will be the first called in their respective sections to fill in and participate.

Cole Sullins, Tenor Sax
Bianca Juarez, Horn
Austin Johnson, Trombone
Oliver Sanchez, Euphonium
Carson Rhodes, Euphonium
Bryce Willadson, Euphonium
Wesley Beede, Tuba
Marilyn Shen, Percussion

Congratulations to all our PT Band students.  We are Pirate Proud of you!

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