Thursday, October 13, 2016

Pine Tree ISD Celebrates Digital Citizenship

Pine Tree ISD will celebrate digital citizenship throughout the month of October with district wide events.

Primary (October 10-14) - Students are coding in computer lab and video lessons will be taught each day.
Birch Elementary (October 10-14) - Students dressed up to represent different citizenship responsibilities.
Parkway Elementary (October 24-28) - Students will write their own personal pledges about being good citizens in their everyday lives.  A pledge will take the form of a motto or a slogan, a song or a rap.
Middle School (October 24-28) - Focus areas for the week will include:  Monday: Self Image and Identity and Responsibility, Tuesday:  Relationships and Communication, Wednesday: Cyber Bullying - the power of words, Thursday: Stereotypes from media messages and Friday:  Be a Digital Hero.
Junior High (October 24-28) - DC posters posted at campus, Elective classes to complete various activities during the week and morning announcements to run clips about Digital Citizenship
High School (October 24-28) - DC posters posted at campus, MAPS, World Geo and CTE classes are doing varied DC activities each day, morning announcements running small vignettes of digital citizenship best practices all week
ExCEL (October 24-28) - DC posters posted at campus
P.A.C.E. (October 24-28) - DC posters posted at campus and announcements with DC lessons for students

Digital Citizenship Week is a time to engage students, teachers, and families in your community in thinking critically, behaving safely, and participating responsibly online.

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