Thursday, July 7, 2016

Pine Tree ISD Trustee Pat Noon Recognized at Leadership TASB

Pat Noon, a member of the Pine Tree ISD Board of Trustees, recently was recognized for his completion of the year long Leadership TASB program.  Noon, a former President, Vice-President and Secretary of the PTISD Board of Trustees and a board member for twelve years, was a member of the class of 2015-2016. Only 36 school board members from across the state of Texas were invited to participate in the program.  

Mr. Noon is the second trustee from PTISD to complete the program. With the completion of this program, Mr. Noon is a master trustee.

Leadership TASB, a program sponsored by the Texas Association of School Boards, is a board development program designed to take experienced board members to a new level of service and leadership by exposing them to a variety of issues, people, activities, and locations during the year-long program.  Class members are selected for demonstrated leadership in their local districts and communities, and for their representation of the diversity of Texas school districts.

The LTASB class of 2015-2016 represents Texas school districts of all sizes, with student populations of 240 to over 201,000, and reflects the range of property wealth.

Each session had a specific theme that builds on the previous session and features state and nationally recognized experts in the fields of leadership development and education. Teams also work on extended learning assignments between meetings throughout the year. 

Created in 1993, Leadership TASB has almost 800 graduates to date.

Mr. Pat Noon, PTISD Trustee, receiving Master Trustee
recognition at Leadership TASB

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