Thursday, April 28, 2016

Pine Tree Education Foundation Awards $30,000 in Grant Funding

The Pine Tree Education Foundation has awarded $30,000 in grant money to Pine Tree ISD teachers and staff.  Congratulations to our PTISD teachers and staff!

These year's recipients and their projects:

Central Office
Carmen Dowdy & Sherrill Ballard
Project:  SumBlox

Katie Yoder & Jennifer Schroeder
Project:  Sensory Kits in the Classroom

Katie Hammer
Project:  Reach for the STARR:  Helping Young Scientists Succeed!

Laurie Taylor
Learning Music through Movement - Educational Rug

Constance Massey, Danielle Thompson & Hayley Andress
Alternative Seating

Junior High
Jennifer Mitchell
Stand Up, Engage, Learn

High School
Amy Johnson & Jennifer Schroeder
Sensory Room for High School Special Education

High School
Dual Credit - (Fall 2016 & Spring 2017)

Since 2004, The Pine Tree ISD Education Foundation has given back $267,000 to PTISD schools in the form of Educator Grants made possible by the common passion for excellence in education that is shared by our community. The Foundation serves as an investment vehicle for those who support the vision of excellence in education for which Pine Tree ISD is known. The Foundation provides an innovative source of funding to support the school districts educational plan of excellence. 

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