Friday, April 15, 2016


The Pine Tree 7th grade and 8th grade UIL teams showed well at this year's competition.  The 7th Grade Competition Team won 1st place sweepstakes with 8th grade bringing home 2nd place sweepstakes. PT captured 3rd place in district competition.

Congratulations to the following students:

Art - 8th Grade
Amber Parker

Calculator - 8th Grade
2nd Place - Isabella Nix
3rd Place - Callista Harold
2nd Place Team - Nix, Harold and Hosmer

Chess - 6th Grade
3rd Place - Zoe Davis
4th Place - Kaleb Hogue
5th Place - Bryce Willadson
2nd Place Team - Davis, Hogue & Willadson

Chess - 7th Grade
1st Place - Colin Curfman
3rd Place Team - Curfman, Roberts, and Metcalf

Chess - 8th Grade
4th Place - Sterling Beakley

Dictionary - 6th Grade
6th Place - Abby Short

Dictionary - 8th Grade
1st Place - Leorah Haesecke
5th Place - Brie Cope
1st Place Team - Haesecke, Cope & Armstrong

Editorial Writing - 7th Grade
3rd Place - Graham Parmelee

Editorial Writing - 8th Grade
4th Place - Sam Sommerfield

Impromptu Speaking - 7th Grade
3rd Place - Colin Curfman
4th Place - LeeAnne Gannon

Impromptu Speaking - 8th Grade
1st Place - Rose LaBay

Listening - 7th Grade
3rd Place Team - Viramontes, Lewis and Roberts

Listening - 8th Grade
2nd Place - Ashly James
3rd Place - Tyler Tipton
6th Place - Brie Cope
1st Place Team - James, Tipton and Cope

Maps, Graphs & Charts - 6th Grade
5th Place - Joshua Garcia

Maps, Graphs, & Charts - 7th Grade
4th Place - Marilyn Shen
6th Place - Jann Cabudoy
1st Place Team - Shen, Cabudoy & Donnell

Mathematics - 7th Grade
1st Place - Marilyn Shen
5th Place - Luis Vazquez
6th Place - Emmanuel Viramontes
2nd Place Team - Shen, Vazquez and Viramontes

Mathematics - 8th Grade
5th Place - Isabella Nix
6th Place - Sterling Beakley
2nd Place Team - Nix, Beakley and Nasiero

Modern Oratory - 7th Grade
3rd Place - Graham Parmelee
4th Place - Eric Hill
5th Place - Michael Donnell

Modern Oratory - 8th Grade
2nd Place - Sarah Payne
5th Place - Noah Tesser

Music Memory - 7th Grade
2nd Place - Ira Roberts

Music Memory - 8th Grade
3rd Place Team - Gibbs, Ford, Roque & Barron

Number Sense - 6th Grade
3rd Place Team - Davis, Tesser and Jimenez

Number Sense - 7th Grade
2nd Place - Marilyn Shen
3rd Place Team - Shen, Vasquez and Roberts

Number Sense - 8th Grade
4th Place - Sterling Beakley
3rd Place Team - Beakley, Hosmer and Naseiro

Poetry - 6th Grade
5th Place - Chloe Chandler

Poetry - 7th Grade
1st Place - Eric Hill
3rd Place - LeeAnne Gannon

Poetry - 8th Grade
2nd Place - Taitum Barry
4th Place - Leorah Haesecke

Prose - 7th Grade
1st Place - Graham Parmelee
3rd Place - Holly James
4th Place - Kayla Elder

Prose - 8th Grade
2nd Place - Meagan Bernard
6th Place - Rose LaBay

Ready Writing - 8th Grade
3rd Place - Ashleigh Boston
6th Place - Sam Sommerfield

Science I & II - 6th Grade
6th Place - Zoe Davis
3rd Place Team - Davis, Bueno and Lister

Science I & II - 7th Grade
1st Place - Jann Cabudoy
4th Place - Marilyn Shen
3rd Place Team - Cabudoy, Shen and Pham

Science I & II - 8th Grade
2nd Place - Connor Naseiro
4th Place - Sterling Beakley
3rd Place Team - Naseiro, Beakley and Hosmer

Social Studies - 6th Grade
4th Place - Nathalie Rodriquez

Social Studies - 7th Grade
2nd Place - Michael Donnell
4th Place - Daniel Lambie
6th Place - Colin Curfman
2nd Place Team - Donnell, Lambie & Curfman

Social Studies - 8th Grade
4th Place - Al'Karageon Pollard
6th Place - Victoria Flanagan
2nd Place Team - Pollard, Flanagan and Paz

Spelling - 7th Grade
1st Place - Marilyn Shen
2nd Place Team - Shen, Metcalf & Khan

Spelling - 8th Grade
3rd Place - Rebekah Donnell
5th Place - Brandy Paz
3rd Place Team - Donnell, Paz and Sikes

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