Tuesday, March 1, 2016


The District UIL competition was held at Pine Tree Intermediate on February 27 and Pine Tree students excelled at this year's event.  Congratulations to the following students!


4th grade                                                            
1st place – Stefany Paz                                 
3rd place – Alexandra Sanchez                   
4th place – Hailee Goodwin                     
5th place – Shautilla Richardson
1st place team – Paz, Sanchez, Goodwin,                                                                                           Richardson & Scaggs

5th Grade
5th place - Cheadea Gipson
3rd place team - Gipson, Henry & Sanchez

Chess Puzzle Solving

2nd grade                                          
3rd place – Nolan Sharp
4th place - Collin Haygood
4th place - Viktoria Roudkovski              
2nd place team - Sharp, Haygood & Roudkovsk

3rd grade

2nd place - Angel Armador
4th place - Benjamin Bigham
2nd place team - Armador, Bingham & Rodriguez

4th grade

3rd place - Phoenix  Davis
5th place - Brayden Haeseche
2nd place team - Davis, Haeseche

5th grade

2nd place - Noah Sims
3rd place - Grant Beakley
6th place - Cade Edwards
1st place team - Sims, Beakley & Edwards

Creative Writing

2nd grade

2nd place – Jenna Harwood
3rd place – Kila Collins
5th place – Kaylie Reyes

5th grade

4th place - Kayla Ferrer
6th place - Paulina Rodriguez
3rd place team - Ferrer, Rodriguez & Rodriguez                                                                                                                                                                            

Maps, Charts & Graphs

5th grade

3rd place team - Wilson, Tovar & Garcia

Music Memory

2nd grade

3rd place - Teagan Guirre
6th place - Zori Clark
2nd place team - Guirre, Klein & Elliot

3rd grade
3rd place team - Smith, Richardson, Shelton, Taylor & Hollin

4th grade
5th place - Alondra Perez
6th place - Bruanna Gonzalez

Number Sense 

4th grade

2nd place - Brayden Haeseche
3rd place - Dealyn Evans
2nd place team - Naseiro, Evans & Haeseche

5th grade
1st place - Grant Beakley
2nd place - Asyian Bray
4th place - Noah Sims
1st place team -  Beakley, Bray & Sims

Oral Reading

4th grade
1st place - Paola Colon
2nd place - Ewoma Ugbini
3rd place - Ella Wendt

5th grade
5th place - Emily Smith
6th place - Kelsie Charmical

Reading Writing

3rd grade
5th place - Da'Shalaka Shaw
6th place - Abigail Black

4th grade
1st place - Harper Jones
2nd place - Kara Craddock
4th place - Ada Stafford

5th grade
6th place - Noah Sims      

Social Studies                                              

5th grade
5th place - Averi Johnson
6th place -  Caleb Duncan
2nd place team - Duncan, Johnson & Rust


3rd grade
1st place - Ryleigh Burr
5th place - Anna Whetzel
6th place - Trinity Deprez
1st place team - Burr, Whetzel & Deprez

4th grade
1st place - Colt Smith
3rd place - Adam Reyes
4th place - Katherine Castillo
1st place team - Smith, Reyes & Castillo

5th grade
1st place - Christian Breham
2nd place team - Breham, Lightfoot & Sanders


2nd grade
3rd place - Zanz Ferrell
5th place - Anthony Anderson
6th place - Taylor Varner

3rd grade 

1st place - Seth McFarland

3rd place - Allyssa Allison                                            

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