Monday, December 14, 2015

Pine Tree High School Band Students Earn Chairs in All Region Band

Congratulations to the following Pine Tree High band students who earned chairs in the All Region band!

Jerry Zhang – Area
Audrey Soltau
Lisette Cerda

Bass Clarinet
Bobby Counts – Area (1st Chair)

Contra Bass Clarinet
Korbin Davis – Area (1st Chair)

Alto Saxophone
Amanda Green

Tenor Saxophone
Patrick Bigham – Area (1st Chair)

Baritone Saxophone
Jonathan Garcia – Area (1st Chair)
Jordan Lampin – Area (2nd Chair)

Gage Ellis – Area (1st Chair)
Cristian Najera – Area (2nd Chair)
Kris Balint – Area
Axel Mondragon
Rebecca Ayres – Area

French Horn
Thomas Childers – Area
Makala Pinkston – Area
Allison Knight
Maddison Hardin

Nigel Colbert – Area
Davis Morton

Bass Trombone
Joel Ramirez – Area (1st Chair)
Maja Palmer – Area

Alex Palacious
Harrison Berryhill

Izrell Adams – Area (1st Chair)
Chris Schaetz – Area

Tyler Russell – Area (1st Chair)
Logan Jennings – Area (2nd Chair)
Andrea Jenkins

Area auditions are January 9.

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