Monday, November 16, 2015

Thirty-eight PTJunior High Band Students Selected to perform at Region IV Band Concert

Congratulations to the following 7th and 8th grade band students for their performance at the Region IV Band auditions on Saturday, November 14.

Eighty-one students competed and thirty-eight were selected to perform at the Region IV Band Concert on December 12th in Marshall, TX.

Below are the thirty-eight students selected with those having *** by their name as being the best player in the region on their instrument.

Laisha Aranda, Flute
Natavia Elder, Flute
Karina Ruiz, Clarinet
Brie Cope, Clarinet
Cassidy Fuller, Clarinet
Al'Karaegon Pollard, Clarinet
Giselle Valencia, Clarinet
Ira Roberts, Clarinet
*** Gabby Pumphrey, Bass Clarinet
Pedro Montano, Bass Clarinet
*** Gabe Montoya, Alto Sax
Alexis Allen, Alto Sax
Adrienne Pena, Alto Sax
*** Daniel Lambie, Baritone Sax
Keelan Davis, Trumpet
Noah Montoya, Trumpet
Andy Pearce, Trumpet
Oscar Ruiz, Trumpet
Luis Vazquez, Trumpet
Ethan Hunter, Trumpet
Eddie Hewitt, Trumpet
Dawson Shelton, Trumpet
*** Leah Counts, French Horn
Josiah Enloe, French Horn
*** Connor Naseiro, Trombone
Makayla Allison, Trombone
Adrian Gomez, Trombone
Sterling Beakley, Trombone
Jasmin Hernandez, Trombone
Berenice Juarez, Baritone
Ethan Sanders, Tuba
Eric Ramirez, Tuba
Wesley Beede, Tuba
*** Dalton Russell, Percussion
Shaun Ray, Percussion
Marilyn Shen, Percussion
Aaron Fears, Percussion
Edwin Diaz, Percussion

The Pine Tree Junior High Band also tied Stone MS in Paris, Texas as having the most students selected...a first for Pine Tree Junior High.

Way To Go Pirates!

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