Tuesday, October 20, 2015


The following students have been selected to the All Region Choir:

Katelyn White- Soprano 1 -2nd Chair (Advancing to pre area)
Savannah Harrold- Soprano 1- 6th Chair (Advancing to pre area)
Alexis Chandler- Soprano 1- 9th Chair (Advancing to pre area)
Emilee Fowler- Soprano 1- 13th Chair
Arianna Fuentez- Soprano 2- 10th Chair (Advancing to pre area)

Liliana Martinez- Alto 1- 13th Chair
Jacqueline Howard- Alto 2- 6th Chair (Advancing to pre area)
Dyasijah Mathis- Alto 2- 9th Chair (Advancing to pre area)
Bryanna Hosmer- Alto 2- 13th Chair

Kietraille Sutton- Bass 1- 11th chair (1st alternate to pre area)
Robby Childers- Bass 2- 1st chair (Advancing to pre area)

Tyrese Smith- Tenor 2- 4th Chair (Advancing to pre area)
Ty Robinson- Tenor 2- 1st alternate
Kemaro Collins- Tenor 1- 2nd alternate

Congratulations PT Students!  We are Pirate proud!

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