Thursday, July 16, 2015

PTHS Art Teacher Recognized by Harvard Graduate School Center for Student Work

Elizabeth White, Art Instructor at Pine Tree High School, has been recognized  through the Harvard Graduate Center for Student Work.  White submitted three student projects which were chosen as part of the CSW collection.  All projects were cross-curricular which is a major requirement for CSW as well as higher order thinking. 

The Harvard Graduate School Center for Student Work is a repository of the most highly scrutinized and exemplary student work in the United States.  The CSW is a curated, open-source collection of models of high-quality PreK-12 student work, along with resources to support the use of exemplary student work to inspire and elevate teaching and learning.   

 CSW is a 25 year collaboration between Ron Berger of Expeditionary Learning  and Steve Seidel of the Harvard Graduate School of Education.  The CSW is supported by Expeditionary Learning (EL), a nonprofit organization and HGSE.  It was built with investment from The Hewlett Foundation, The Nellie Mae Foundation, The Barr Foundation, and the U.S. Department of Education Arts integration grant. 

The three projects selected were:

Chair Design Without Adhesives - a project where students build a chair entirely out of cardboard without using adhesives or glue that can support the weight of an adult. 
Aztec Indian Portraits is a series of colored pencil drawings that celebrated the Aztec culture.  Cross curricular includes art and social studies.
Wildlife of the Texas Panhandle is a study of native Texas animals and their habitats in chalk pastel. Cross curricular includes art and biology.

The projects are displayed permanently online as part of the CSW collection.

Mrs. White is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University.  She is an Andrew Carnegie scholar from the Carnegie Mellon University School of Design.  A former software designer, Mrs. White has taught art for 8 years.  Her goal as a teacher is to raise the self esteem of students of all levels by helping them to achieve what they previously thought was impossible.  She truly believes there is an artist in everyone. 

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