Monday, May 4, 2015

Pine Tree Middle School's Save our Soil Team Takes First Place At State Bowl

Pine Tree Middle School's S.O.S., Save Our Soil, team took 1st place in the Junior Division in the Environment Category at this year's 2015 Texas Future Problem Solving Program State Bowl in Austin.   

The Texas FPSP is an affiliate member of the international FPSPI.  Its mission is to teach students critical thinking and creative problem solving processes through competitive and  non-competitive instructional programs so they learn to work with others in designing positive futures.  It is an academic interdisciplinary completed as an extra-curricular activity.  The challenging materials and competitive components are designed to motivate student to think creatively and critically.  We like to say, "Texas FPSP teaches students how to think, not what to think." 

Team members include:   Daniel Lambie, Luis Vasquez, Shaun Ray, Cameron Cowden, Madi Harrell, Siaz'Jay Lewis, Kennedy Lewis, Holly  James, Paige Reese, Ethan Sanders, Emmanuel Viramontes, Andy Pearce, and Marilyn Shen.  

Congratulations to team S.O.S.  We are proud of  your efforts and hard work.    

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