Thursday, May 21, 2015

Pine Tree ISD Director Appointed to TEA State Technology Committee

Pine Tree ISD Director of College/Career Readiness & Digital Learning, Dr. Tony Tipton, has been appointed by the Texas Education Agency to serve on a statewide technology committee. This committee will be responsible for designing and rolling out a new technology proficiency instrument for Texas teachers and planning for the next phase of technology implementation for all Texas public schools. The group will begin its work this June in Austin and continue meetings until the new instrument is ready for its debut. The former instrument, STaR Chart, is phasing out since it's introduction in 1999 and latest update in 2006. The idea for the original STaR Chart was conceived in 1997, so much has happened in the world of technology since then. Additionally, as we approach the year 2020, Texas will publish its next version of its Long Range Plan for Technology (LRPT) and this committee will likely be heavily involved in that work as well.

Tipton completed his doctoral research utilizing the STaR Chart so he has a unique insight into the instrument and how to improve it for future generations of Texas teachers. Dr. Tipton's research interests include leadership development, organizational climate, change theory, and digital learning. Tipton has been a presenter at several technology conferences and published various articles. He is currently working with a teacher from the district to publish an article about a new "teacher-friendly" classroom technology implementation framework.  Congratulations, Dr. Tipton!

Dr. Tony Tipton
 Director of College Career
Readiness & Digital Learning 

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