Thursday, March 26, 2015

PTMS Student Wade Fell selected as Superintendent for a 1/2 Day

Wade Fell, a middle school student at Pine Tree ISD, has been selected to serve as PTISD Superintendent for a 1/2 Day.

Superintendent for a 1/2 Day is a first year program where a student from the district gets to serve as the chief in charge for the district and in turn the superintendent attends classes with the selected student.

Wade and Dr. TJ Farler will switch roles as student and superintendent respectively on April 10 and April 15.  On April 10 Wade will take on the duties of superintendent and job shadow Dr. Farler and experience the day-to-day responsibilities of the superintendent. On April 15 Dr. Farler will switch roles and attend Wade's classes at PTMS.

Each PTISD campus nominated one student this year.  Fell was selected from the nominees with his essay why he wanted to be superintendent for the day. The campus nominees along with Fell with serve as honorary board members and be recognized at the April school board meeting.

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