Friday, March 7, 2014

PT Students Soar to New Heights during LeTourneau University's "Women in Aviation" Event

Incredibly LETU: Incredible Women In Aviation:

For Victoria and Ainsley, it was no ordinary Thursday. Instead of school that afternoon, they ventured into the sky in a Cessna C-172R.  The sixth-grade girls had never considered aviation as a career option, so in honor of Women of Aviation Week, LETU flight instructor Lee Foster introduced them to the thrill of being a pilot.   Read more.

LeTourneau University kicks off week of women-centered aviationBy Reese Gordon

Two Pine Tree Middle School girls took flight Thursday at LeTourneau University’s Abbott Aviation Center.

Sixth grade students Ainsley Daugbjerg and Victoria Flanagan soared through the air in a Cessna 172
Principal Lara Cavin 
piloted by LeTourneau flight instructor Lee Foster.

Ainsley and Victoria were selected as part of a partnership between LeTourneau University and Pine Tree ISD to encourage young women to consider aviation as a career path. Next week is national “Women In Aviation” week.

According to Pine Tree Middle School Principal Lara Cavin, the girls were selected because they have excelled in math and science in a robotics class taught by Tege Millikin.  READ MORE.

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