Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Showcase of Animated Short Films: Featuring Tim McLaughlin, Department of Visualization at TAMU

This month, “I’m SMART” will be hosting a program with Tim McLaughlin, Department Head and Associate Professor from Texas A&M University, on the Pine Tree High School campus. McLaughlin will feature animated short films, which were designed and created by TAMU students.

The public is invited to attend: A Showcase of Animated Shorts
Date/Time: Friday, Feb. 28, 2014 7:00 pm
Location: Pine Tree High School Theater
No Cost: Free to the public

I’m SMART, (which is shorthand for all things, including Imagination, Science, Mathematics, Art, Research and Technology,) was developed by Allen Morris, PTHS faculty member who helps create a curiosity and interest in learning, and a group of PTHS students who are a loose-knit group of curious minds with the intent to look for and do interesting things.

McLaughlin, a graduate of Pine Tree ISD, has for the past two years hosted tours on the Texas A&M Campus for students from Pine Tree High School, who are interested in learning more about the visualization department at the University. McLaughlin will spend the day speaking to small groups of students on the High School campus prior to the public program.

“During the small group sessions, our goal is to provide a platform for students to ask question and learn from McLaughlin about how to navigate their career paths,” said Morris. “By giving students the opportunity to meet and hear from professionals, especially those who have graduated from Pine Tree High School, we hope they will be able to envision a clearer path for themselves.”

“This is an excellent opportunity for students, teachers, and anyone in the community who may be interested in animation, technology and creative ideas,” said Superintendent TJ Farler. “We hope everyone will come to our remodeled High School Theatre and enjoy this unique opportunity of one of Pine Tree’s own returning with an inspirational program you’re sure to enjoy.”

Check out this short commercial video for details:

This is the second year for the district to host an event in the district that features an innovative and motivational speaker for students, parents and community to enjoy. The PT Education Foundation partnered with the club the first year to bring Story Musgrave, a surgeon, NASA astronaut and mathematician in February, 2013. Musgrave also spoke to small groups of students throughout the day before he offered a larger presentation to the public.

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