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PTISD Board of Trustee Meeting Summary: Dec. 9, 2013

Board Summary from the Regular December 9, 2013 Meeting
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The Pine Tree Independent School District Board of Trustees met in Regular session at 5:45 p.m. on December 9, 2013 in the Pine Tree ISD Administration Building Boardroom located at 1701 Pine Tree Road, Longview, Texas.

President Charley Peck called the meeting to order. Members present included Charley Peck, president;
Cynthia Hellen, vice-president; Pat Noon, secretary; Kerri Daugbjerg, Terre Dunn, Craig Meek, MD, and Dr. TJ Farler, Superintendent. Will Adamson was absent.

Other administrators present were James Skeeler, Tony Hollins, Judy Downing, Dr. Daya Hill, Melinda Tidwell, Lara Cavin, Vanessa Robinson, Cindy Gabehart, Vickie Echols, Jon Pollard, Debbie Terry, Amanda Pitre, Derrick Hennigan, Cathy Schmidt, Carmen Dowdy, and Suzanne Shackelford. Pat Noon gave the invocation.

Athletes from the Cross Country team led the pledges to the United States Flag and the Texas State Flag. Four student groups were recognized: Boys and Girls Cross Country teams, Girls Varsity Volleyball team, HS Art of Character Winners, and 4th grade Red Ribbon Week essay winners.  Click to View Photos

Plaza Vendors who served food at the home football games were recognized and presented a plaque.

President Charley Peck reviewed, with the other trustees, the Framework for School Board Development as adopted by the State Board of Education. He announced that all seven board members had exceeded the required continuing education hours required for the calendar year.

Superintendent Dr. Farler gave an update on the storage facility at the new athletic complex and the Softball/Soccer/Tennis field house. She also shared an invitation from Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) for Pine Tree ISD to join an expanded network of schools dedicated to transforming K-12 education for the children of Texas.

Dr. Teresa Farler gave an update on the search for AD/Head Football coach. She presented the survey form used on the campuses and by the parents/community as a way of gathering information to create a profile for the Athletic Director position. The first round of interviews will start during the first week of February, 2014.

Assistant Superintendent James Skeeler presented the current enrollment, attendance percentages, and campus class counts. He also discussed attendance incentives per campus and the Highly Qualified Teacher Compliance report.

Assistant Superintendent Dr. Daya Hill reviewed the Curriculum Based Assessments for the second six weeks.  Human Resource Coordinator Suzanne Shackelford discussed teacher recruitment and retention.

Action Items Voted on:
Approved Financial Report as presented:
November disbursements
Supplements and Deletions to the Tax Roll
Tax Refunds over $500
Budget Amendments
Purchase Orders over $25,000
Approved First Reading of TASB Update 98, affecting (LOCAL) policies
Approved Consent Action Items
Minutes from the November 11, 2013 Board of Trustees meetings
District Contracts and Agreements

BULLY BUSTER E2 CAMPUS AGREEMENT - This agreement allows access to a web-based program to a Bully Deterrent System. This system allows students to report tips confidentially, have texting capabilities, and allows parents to submit tips on the school's website. This is under legal counsel review. Authorize Dr. Teresa J. Farler to execute the agreement after legal review.

TSPRA Services Agreement – This agreement provides a one-day session addressing the important media and crisis training needs of those in the education field. This is under legal review. Authorized Dr. Teresa J. Farler to execute the contract after legal review.

MJ, ETC – This agreement is for a one-day workshop for all district ELAR teachers. This is the district's standard consulting agreement as developed by legal. Authorize Dr. Teresa J. Farler to execute the contract.

Donations to the district this month are $3,650.00.

Approved hiring Marquita Adams, Sonya Black, and Sylvia Cummings as contract employees and Hoa Hoang and Dennis Powers as at-will employees for 2013-14 school year.

Information items presented:
Resignation of contract employees Iler Boyd, Cara Fitzhenry, Dena Sloan, Emily Smith, and Margaret Soderberg and at-will employee Donna Williamson. 

Complete official minutes are posted after approval at the January 13, 2013 board meeting.  

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