Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Board Summary from the Regular July 8, 2013 Meeting

The Pine Tree Independent School District Board of Trustees met in Regular session at 5:45 p.m. on July 8, 2013 in the Pine Tree ISD Administration Building Boardroom located at 1701 Pine Tree Rd, Longview, Texas.

President Charley Peck called the meeting to order. Members present included Charley Peck, president; Terre Dunn, vice-president; Pat Noon, secretary; Will Adamson, Craig Meek, MD, Kerri Daugbjerg, Cynthia Hellen, and Dr. TJ Farler, Superintendent. Will Adamson gave the invocation.

Other administrators present were James Skeeler, Dr. Daya Hill, Tony Hollins, Judy Downing, Becky Balboa, Dr. Carla McAvoy, Lara Cavin, Cindy Gabehart, Vanessa Robinson, Kim Chatman, Vickie Echols, Derek Fitzhenry, Scott Mann, Michelle Mitchell, Debbie Terry, Amanda Pitre, and Deanna Turner.

Mr. Skeeler led the pledges to the United States Flag and the Texas State Flag. Rhonda Bullard, Director of Longview World or Wonders Hands-on Discovery Center, addressed the trustees during Public Comment. Dr. Farler, Superintendent, asked Ken Kessler, PBK Architects, to give an update on the bond construction projects. James Skeeler, Asst. Superintendent, gave the final update on the 2012-13 Strategic Plan. Campus Principals, Directors of Child Nutrition, Transportation, and Athletics Departments presented a review of the 2012-13 school year.

Action Items Voted on:
  • Approved Financial Report as presented: 
  • June disbursements
  • Deletions and Supplements to the Tax Roll
  • Tax Refunds over $500
  • Approved amending CE(LOCAL) Policy with the District’s Fiscal Year
  • Approved first reading of FDA(LOCAL) Policy
  • Approved Consent Action Items
  • Minutes from the June 10, 2013, June 17, 2013, and June 24, 2013 Board of Trustees meetings 
  • District Contracts and Agreements
  • Region 8 – TIPS Food Purchasing Coop – the Child Nutrition department will utilize this agreement to purchase milk products and culinary arts will utilize the purchasing agreement to acquire supplies and food.
  • Donations to the District of $8,600.02
  • Approved hiring Melissa Adams, Joseph Cogbill II, Paul Ray Ellsworth, James Manning, Jill Manning, Constance Massey, Jonathan Pollard, and Elton Sanchez as contract employees for the 2013-14 school year
  • Approved hiring Donna Howe and Mary Sexton as at-will employees for 2012-13 school year.
  • Information items presented:
  • Resignation of contract employees: Emma Cyrocki, Tracie Jacobson, and Ciara Umbrell
  • Resignation of at-will employee Denise Laster

Complete official minutes will be posted after approval at the August 12, 2013 board meeting.

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